Frank Stanford Commemorative Collection: Nov 1 - April 1


Foundlings publishes a print magazine twice yearly, and will accept unsolicited submissions during two four-week periods each year, usually in September and March. The exact dates are subject to change, so check this website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates about reading periods.

We did not launch Foundlings for any single reason -- it is not a declaration, a manifesto, or a univocal protest. Like The "Irish Airman" of Yeats' poem, we followed a "lonely impulse of delight" up into the clouds. Whatever we've done since then belongs to the realm of the reader's interpretation. However, as readers and writers entering as editors a market saturated with lit mags, we consciously committed ourselves to certain principles regarding the submissions process.

1. Max, Steve, Darren, and Aidan will read every poem submitted, and will discuss together the merits of every poem submitted. We do not employ tiers of readers and we do not have a "slush pile."

2. We will respond to your submission within four weeks of the close of the submission period during which it was sent. Our selection process looks like this: we open the gates and don't look at anything that comes in for four weeks; then we read every submission individually; then we meet to discuss the submissions and make final selections; then we contact the all poets who so generously sent us their work. We hope that this process gives writers enough time to submit their work, but also saves us from having to read a year's worth of accumulated open-submission material. By committing to read and respond to all poems within four weeks, we hope we can better judge individual poems against the standard each new batch creates, and better recognize themes and trends that we'd like to explore in shaping the next issue. All told, you will never have to wait more than eight weeks to hear about your submission.

3. When we start to make money, we will start to pay our contributors; until then, we promise any poet who appears in our pages a lifetime of support. We're a new magazine, a small magazine, a magazine that exists in a state of genteel poverty. Right now we're happy to be making enough money not to discourage us entirely from ever producing another issue. We'll keep producing new issues, and some day, perhaps, actually make a profit. At this point, we'll come up with an equitable way to distribute this profit among our contributors. Until then we ask you to accept a contributor copy and our undying dedication. We've arranged readings for our contributors and taken our contributors on tour; we've promoted our contributors' books and appearances and have connected them with readers and publishers. We stay in touch. Foundlings produces a magazine, but we are, as said elsewhere, a co-op orphanage. We hope to maintain that character and that commitment even if and when, some sunny day, we start to turn a profit.


We accept original, unpublished poems and translations. Please send no more than five poems at a time, pasted in the body of your email or attached as a Word file. Please don't send viruses, porn, or terrorist propaganda. All translations must be accompanied by the original text.

We are open to publishing original photography, though at this time we can only publish in black-and-white. Please send your photographs as attachments.

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